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As SEO experts, it is our job to make your website (cat boutique or otherwise) show up at the top of the “right” search engine results. With that job comes learning the intent of searchers that may be looking for you online, and selecting keywords, and presenting your information in a way that is compelling enough for them to want to click and visit your website.

10+ years ago this job required much different SEO skills than it does now, and there is a whole new skillset that SEO specialists need to master these days.

A modern specialist must be able to:
Make a decision
Research like crazy
Problem solve
Write intriguing content
Know the audience
As we go through the basics of what an SEO specialist does, we’ll see how often these skills apply to a range of common tasks and strategies.

Write Rich Content

Long gone are the days of article spinning and keyword stuffing. Keywords are important, but they should be sprinkled in content rather than stuffed. Now, they are generally considered a lower priority than compelling content that speaks to the searcher’s intent.

Content needs to be original, engaging, well-written, and authoritative. SEO is important, but you need to be writing for users and not for search engine rankings for the most effective and impactful SEO campaign.

Before writing, always ask yourself, “what is the purpose behind this article?” Do not create content just to create content. Have a purpose for everything that you create and publish on your website.

That purpose is what will drive your writing style and how you structure your content.

Content is king”, so says the world of SEO. SEO specialists today know that search engines have been placing increasing value on quality content and that has only continued to increase over the last 5 years. You need to write for quality and write for search intent. While we’re feeling the pressure, we do know how to write intriguing content that brings traffic to your website.

Optimize Title Tags
The title tag is incredibly helpful when it comes to the many ranking factors out there. It is the text that shows up larger and bold on the search engine results page (SERP). You should include your main keyword in the title (some would argue at the very beginning), have it flow naturally, and include your company name. Each title tag on your website needs to be unique and specific to what that page is about. Also, be consistent and structure every title tag the same way.

Keyword research is an SEO specialist’s bread and butter. It is by keywords that we know what to optimize and rank for in search engines. To properly optimize title tags we must first complete keyword research. It is not always glamorous or fast-paced, but specialists need to embrace the research rather than fear it.

Include Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions don’t necessarily affect your rankings directly. They do, however, improve clickthrough rate, which can indirectly help your rankings, and should not be forgotten or ignored.

The meta description is what shows up underneath the title tag on the search engine results page. This is your primary opportunity to write directly for the user and entice them to click on your link instead of a competitor’s link.

Be descriptive yet brief (under 155-160 characters to not be truncated in results), although some would argue that a longer truncated meta description is still just as effective. Your goal here is to sell the click, not the product.

Meta descriptions are the commercial jingles of the SEO world. SEO specialists must be great writers technically and grammatically, but they also must write catchy and intriguing content. Who knew that 160 characters could be some of the most difficult to write?
A Modern Approach

When it comes to the modern SEO specialist, our jobs are part problem solver and part magician, trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat (in an established and effective way) to make Google (and therefore our clients) happy.

At the end of the day, what we do is really quite simple: we make sure your website is visible online, and we do our best to get you at the top of the search engine results so you have more traffic on your website that can, in turn, generate leads, sales, and more interaction with your brand.

For your business, is there really anything more important than that?
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