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An Expert Guide to Search Engine Ranking Algorithm Richmond

5 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your Website There are plenty of reasons to learn how to optimize for conversions and SEO in tandem. First you need to know how they work together to create a leaner, more productive website. Let’s look at five specific reasons to optimize your site immediately and to continually optimize your site over time.   1. Make your website useful for your specific audience Marketers sometimes feel as though they’re at odds with Google. The search engine fails to rank their best content, for instance, or they see a huge drop in traffic after an algorithmic update. In reality, though, your goals and Google’s are the same Serve up the best possible content for your audience Create a positive website user experience Prioritize content that offers significant value You just go about it in different ways. Google’s analysing millions of websites, while you’re analysing your specific audience’s behaviours. Google uses more than 200 ranking signals to decide which pieces